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Main purpose of this service is to provide to potential customers (companies, corporates,etc) an understanding of societal dynamics in the area of interest in order to make appropriate bussiness plans. It is a corporation’s function that oversees and manages the close coordination of all functions within the company that are concerned with security, continuity and safety. Globalization is pushing companies to more risky places where is important to understand an interaction between societal dimensions and risk factors for investments in order to maximize the realization of opportunities.

The methods of multivariate analysis and comparative analysis were used for presentation of findings, in correlation with historical developments in Afghanistan and Kosovo, as case studies for complex emergency . Italy, Croatia, Spain, Serbia and Slovenia were analyzed as a case studies of the “normal” society, where findings represents prerequisites for the further risk assessment and final analytical framework for decision making process.

Every above mentioned holistic research has been confirming a value of societal analysis by quantitative methods, which are providing focused approach for corporations in strategic planning or corporate governance in selected country.

Throughout the history people wants to be aware and prepared for the incoming threats to their existence, to their families, tribes, religious groups, to their district, municipality or province and to the whole country. It has been always question about their perception of security and readiness to react properly in order to protect themselves, society and societal values. Capability of each society could be described with the ability to protect certain level of potential of the main security dimensions which are: demography, economics, social, environmental and politics. A balanced interaction between mentioned dimensions ensures desirable and predictive societal development. In case of unexpected, unscheduled, unplanned, unprecedented, and definitely unpleasant events, society has to have appropriate counter measures in place, in order to neutralize undesirable effects. Historically, corporations have been part of societies throughout the history. They are sharing responsibilities for proper readiness against global, multidimensional security threats on their geographical locations in order to provide proper corporate governance and corporate security functions, which leads to corresponding corporate security management.

Contemporary security environment is shaping corporations' response towards security deviations on global and local security environment. Dominating process in that environment is globalization, which was presented as the process of enhancing collective measures to stop international violence and wars, to save global environment, and to eliminate Third World poverty and economic inequality through developed communications, investments, trade, and aid. Simplistic view on interdependence between corporations and globalization will be that the corporate security management depends on globalization's evolution.

Globalization is a process of interaction and integration among the people, companies, and governments of different nations, a process driven by international trade and investment and aided by information technology. This process has effects on the environment, on culture, on political systems, on economic development and prosperity, and on human physical well-being in societies around the world.

In order to mitigate potential security deviations, different organizations, companies and other international stakeholders have to make a proper planning and preparations for the upcoming operation.

Operation is representing a planned, organized and conducted activity by designated organizations, companies, political entities or military forces, in order to achieve desirable objectives in specific time and space framework.

Operations should be prepared for, planned and conducted in a manner that makes the best use of the relative strengths and capabilities of the participating countries and the forces they offer for the operation. A common doctrine supported by standardization of equipment and procedures, validated through participation in joint and multinational training exercises, provides the basis for the formations and units of a joint and multinational force to be able to work together. At the operational level, emphasis must be placed on the integration of the military forces and the synergy that can be attained. This will have a significant effect on the ability of a joint force to achieve the commander’s objectives. The main elements for management of planning are prior preparation, thinking activity and communication / collaboration.

Common sense and balanced judgment are indispensable qualities for a military commander, but they alone will rarely ensure success in armed conflict. In most military operations time is critical and information may be scarce and unreliable. The effects of danger and fatigue usually have an adverse influence on judgment and unforeseen circumstances frequently upset the best-laid plans. To meet these exacting conditions, the commander’s judgment must be backed by a sound knowledge of the doctrine and the advice and expertise of his staff.

Operations by joint forces are directed, planned and executed at three levels. They are directed at the military-strategic level and planned and executed at the operational and tactical levels. Actions are defined as military-strategic, operational or tactical based on their effect or contribution to achieving the specified objectives.

At the military strategic level, armed forces are deployed and employed within an overarching political framework and in a synchronized fashion with other initiatives (e.g. diplomatic or economic) in order to achieve the strategic objectives. At the operational level and within a designated Joint Operations Area (JOA), armed forces are deployed and employed in accordance with the campaign strategy to achieve military strategic goals. Normally this would imply sustained operations with simultaneous and/or sequential actions by committed forces. It is at the operational level that tactical successes achieved in engagements and operations are combined to achieve strategic objectives.

The Computer Assisted Exercise (CAX) is training methodology that is simulating a societal processes in synthetic environment. CAX has been used in the last two decades for preparations of National and International security elements on strategic, operational and tactical level in order to prepare timely and appropriate repsonse to security deviations in the crisis areas. By shaping the common understanding of societal needs of the affected countries, it has been much easier after that to send apropriate international capabilities for societal rebuilding. Main motive for this research was to find out if the same methodology could be used for the management of corporative security, which is rensponsible for efficient and prompt reactions on external and internal threats to corporations' processes.

When companies are properly integrated into the areas within which they work, means that their processes have been accepted by the local community. By creation of interaction between elements of ‘the security triangle’ acceptance, protection and deterrence, corporation is achieving a genuine security and reducing level of potential threats. With the application of CAX methodology in a training cycle for corporate security management, there are new perspectives for joint training and preparations among corporate security and senior management personnel, in terms of security management procedures in the area of responsibility. Professional approach towards occurred incidents (external or internal) means creation of common understanding, mutual acceptance and harmonization of all involved in the decision making process, and their interaction until the desirable end state.

Although, entire training process happens in synthetic environment, is still ensuring improvement in decision making skills of TA, decreasing expenditure, increasing security for participants, providing understanding of human interaction and in a long term protecting natural environment. The use of computer simulation models permits decision makers to determine nearly all outcomes. As an excellent and cheap instrument of analysis, CAX enables the effects of plans, tactics or doctrines to be tested in a variety of environments by repeating and replaying the scenario.

In today’s corporate environment, the impact of the security department is proportionate to its ability to persuade individuals and teams all over the company to collaborate and cooperate. This means that dialogue between security specialists and non-specialists is essential.

CAX has been providing an excellent training environment for people who are happy breaking rules, innovating and thinking outside the box. Businesses need to take calculated risks to stay ahead of competitors, break into new markets and maximize profits. For the corporate security function is important to respect an emotional intelligence and the human element of security and risk management, which should overshadow technical security skills. By the proper planning and preparation, scenario development, execution and analysis, CAX has been an indispensable training methodology. It ensures to the Corporate Security Management a suitable and timely response on external or internal security deviations, and creates conditions for effective corporate governance and continuity of corporate security functions. CAX has definitely a potential to become a capability enhancement methodology for management of corporate security.

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