Dušan Marinčič Phd. curriculum vitae

Current position:

CEO Dr DM Ltd.

Education and qualifications:

Doctor of Political Science, Faculty for Social Science Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2005.

Master of Political Science, Faculty for Social Science Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2002.

Visiting Lecturer on:ISPI, Political and Master studies University of Milano - Italy, Political and Master studies University of Rome - Italy, Department for Security and Strategic Studies Swedish National Defence College Stockholm - Sweden, Command and Staff College of Slovenian Armed Forces - Slovenia.

Career history:

Nov 2010– Present CEO of Dr DM Ltd

He established above mentioned company, where he has been planning and managing different research and development societal projects, in order to provide holistic approach to contemporary societies. His main goal is to assist customers in achieving proper societal security conditions for the sustainable development.

Oct 2006–Oct 2010 SME for the Joint Operations

As an SME and an Observer/Trainer he had an opportunity to gain an experience in managing groups comprised of personnel from many nations, competencies, backgrounds and experiences.

As an Event manager, OPR for the exercise and Chief MEL/MIL was managing activities that includes planning, organizing and running NATO meetings, exercises and conferences.

He has been involved in more than dozen of NRF and ISAF exercises, in all exercise phases, dealing with the complex security documentation, operational planning process,joint coordination process and joint assessment of the force effectiveness. He was also Chief of a Joint training team for the Joint Force Commands.

Because of permanent development of an operational environment, continuous analysis of complex operational issues especially in relation to multinational and multi – agency work was his additional contribution to the overall NATO processes.

Jan 1999-Feb 2005 Head of Department for Operational Research and Simulations

He established and managed a national institution. The key task was to develop methodology for computer assisted exercises (combat and crisis response operations) and scientific military researches. He participated on many international exercises such as VIKING, SEESIM, and EURASIAN STAR etc.

He has been using method of Inverse Deduction where the theory and practice are in permanent interaction. For the needs of Comparative Analysis and interpretation of the local capabilities of the crisis area he has been using method of Multivariate Analysis (software SPSS) and simulations of CRO (simulation model JTLS, HORUS, JANUS, JCATS). Data bases have been mostly created and developed by the Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel and SPSS statistical program. Working methodologies have been used since 1998 with the peace operations in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo (“in the box research”) until now.

Afghanistan was studied from a distance (“out of the box”) since 2005 until now. The basic statistical unit which gives a holistic picture about capabilities in the area of complex emergency is municipality/province or district. With the cluster analysis the researcher can than easily monitor further developments upon efforts of International Community in certain societal security dimensions (monitoring of visible and measurable indicators in quantitative and qualitative way).

Professional membeships:

Project manager for project “Crises Response Operations Simulation Model -CROM” from 2003 until 2006.

Member of Scientific Board of Slovenian Armed Forces since 2004

Member of JTLS users expert board since 2002 in Monterey, USA

He was twice the general chair of International Week of Simulations in 2002 and 2005, when all of his methodological scientific results were presented to the international experts in the spirit of exchanging knowledge and experience in the area of the Computer Assisted Exercises.

List of publications:

2009 Publication “Computer Assisted Exercise and Training: A Reference guide”

2008 Publication “ Crisis Management II” (Faculty for Social Science)

2005 Doctoral dissertation “Simulation and Analysis Of Peace Operations”

2004 Multivariate Analytical Model For Crises Response Operations

2002 Master’s research project “Computer Assisted Exercise As a Training Method for Peace Forces ”

2000 Publication in NATO “Application of SAT model in Computer Assisted Exercise” NTG&WG IT/ED

1994 Textbook TACTICS I

Dr. Dusan Marincic has wrote about seventy articles dealing with peace operations, crisis response operations, qualitative and quantitative analysis of peace forces efficiency in the areas of complex emergency.

All of them were published in national and international journals.

Key skills:

* Operational planning process

* Process Management in multinational and multi-agency working environment

* Joint Coordination process in a Crisis Response Operations

* Joint assessment methodology in the Area of Complex Emergency

* Data base manager for JTLS

* Multivariate analysis with SPSS

* GIS analysis in Map Info

* MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access)

* Project Planning & Reporting

* Budget Management & Planning

* Report Writing

* MS Project


Slovenian - mother tongue

English - good working knowledge

Croatian - good working knowledge

Czech - working knowledge

Italian - basic, German - basic, Norwegian - basic